By: Earnest Jones | 12-15-2016 | News
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American Intelligence Whistleblower Leaked The Democratic Emails, Not Russians- Intelligence Officer

Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, chancellor of the University of Dundee, and a former intelligence analyst wrote a statement re-emphasizing on Julian Assange’s statement saying that as Assange has pointed out clearly, the leaks have no relationship with Russians. He also made it crystal clear that they are not hack, instead they are insider leaks and this are totally different things.

 Craig continued to emphasize that he knows the person who leaked adding that he had met them and they are certainly not Russian, instead they are an insider. He also repeated the same clarification that they were not hack but instead it’s a leak; reiterating that the two are very different things.

This makes it very clear that Murray, who happens to be a very close friend of Assange knows for a fact that there were no hacks involved, instead it was an American insider who leaked the information to WikiLeaks.

Murray has recently written a statement in which he warns the U.S. government on the consequences of setting up a super surveillance state. Murray points out that super surveillance state that scan through the internet traffic of most people will not only affect the average people that the elite despise, instead a lot of awful traffic will also be intercepted from the crooked members of the elite who are connected to senior politicians, this will unveil the corrupt nature and the hidden agendas they’ve been pursuing. Murray also adds that once the super surveillance state has intercepted and stored the crucial information, some decent person who happens to be a genuine patriot from within the security services might be compelled to turn things around and become a whistleblower.

Craig Murray has thus made it clear that Russia was no involved in hacking the Democratic party emails and instead an American Intelligence whistleblower leaked them. In an interview with David Swanson, Murray made it clear that two American leakers were involved in the leaks, one leaked the emails of the Democratic National Committee while the other one leaked the emails of top Clinton aide John Podesta. Murray added that he had personally met with one of the leakers and both of them were American insiders with the NSA and DNC and there was not connection with Russia whatsoever. The bad policies have led to the Democratic email leaks by insiders in the intelligence services community.

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