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Breaking: Pepe Materializes Whilst Hillary Reads from her $8M Book!

Hillary Clinton is a woman that the majority of sensible Americans despise. In fact she's so despicable that it literally cost her the election.

Even after her historic loss at the hands of our President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, she still seems to not understand why she lost or why we're disgusted by her and her history of lies and deception.

She must live in the twilight zone, where reality is a far cry from the words her advisers and handlers whisper into her ears.

So delusional is her nature that she actually wrote a book titled “What Happened?”, as if she has no idea.

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Mike Cernovich and Cernovich Media today <a href="">put out a satirical video</a> explaining the situation, and it's quite hilarious.

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The video is made up of Hillary Clinton reading an audio excerpt from her new book, with a humorous Pepe the Frog troll musing at her the entire time.

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It's quite brilliant, and the comments under the video explain quite well exactly how America feels, since she doesn't seem to understand.

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She's likely the most corrupt woman to ever run for public office. The fact that the Democratic Party chose to virtue signal for a female even though she has such a horrid reputation speaks volumes about the state of the left wing of America.

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She lost the election, and she's still clinging for scraps instead of learning the lesson and acknowledging she was wrong.

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Hopefully, if law and order exists in America, she'll inevitably be prosecuted for her crimes and she will be in jail. Lock her up!


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