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Millions of Americans are unable to spend their EBT / SNAP Food Stamps today after a major outage has shut down the system in 70% of America’s population centers.

Those millions of Americans are now freaking out at the idea they may not be able to purchase grape soda and fried chicken to feed their children.

How will they be able to fill their 5 month old baby's bottle with Mountain Dew without the Food Stamps? They can't. All hell's breaking loose in America.

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What's next, no free rent with Section 8 housing? No utility assistance checks to pay their bills? How will they stay warm or defend against the heat with air conditioning?

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Soon there will be riots in the streets, once the child support checks stop loading on their cards and they can't buy liquor or cigarettes to deal with the stress of raising five children without a father.

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It's literally going to be a bloodbath folks, especially on the west coast where fast food restaurants like McDonald's, Taco Bell, and KFC rely upon food stamps used by low income people without jobs and illegal immigrants to pay their bills.

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It won't be long before home invasions will occur just so people can eat. America is about supply and demand right?! Once there is no demand to buy, the supply will surely cut short.

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Now people will legitimate incomes will have to shop in peace with smaller lines at the grocery stores and guaranteed stock on all their favorite products. Can you imagine the horrors?

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Food prices may also drop, since there is no EBT to help inflate the prices to unnecessary highs by creating a false equivalency over over demand for food. Just a terrible situation folks.

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It won't be long before National Guard is activated in the hardest hit regions, because all of the gibs will be gone.


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Anonymous No. 7590 1504566378

Almost all of these are ironic shitposts tho mr cia

Also nothing will collapse this year

Anonymous No. 7591 1504566513


>mr cia

Top fucking kek

>ironic shitposts

What do you think this article is anon? It's satire. Laugh.

Erik Guantanamo No. 7593 1504569775

Massive EBT system outage, because HR dumped the white male engineers who were maintaining it, and hired women and negroes instead.

Anonymous No. 7594 1504572085

Whoever wrote this is fucking racist.

There are SO many middle-class white Americans who NEED food stamps to provide HEALTHY meals for their kids.

Granted there are some people who abuse the system, but those people are far and few between. This is coming from somebody who works in a grocery store.

And if you want to go full on racist, you forgot to add warmelon to your list of stereotypes jackass!

CharlieBrown No. 7598 1504582673

I think "we" need to go back to giving commodities. Giving food to those in need. Stop those abusing the system. People receiving EBT eat better than those of us that work!!

Anonymous No. 7654 1504704534

>There are SO many middle-class white Americans who NEED food stamps to provide HEALTHY meals for their kids.

This must be satire.

MIKE No. 7678 1504738834






Anonymous No. 7753 1504853291

"Middle class" people dont need food stamps. By definition, food stamps are only given to lower class people. Stop with the delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous No. 7755 1504854002

no free rent with Section 8 housing?

Anonymous No. 7813 1504950046


Anonymous No. 7817 1504953160

Section 8 Housing does not give you free rent. It makes sure that your rent does not exceed 30% of your gross income. When the rich stop taking corporate welfare and give up their sense of entitlement, only then expect the poor to do tbe same!

NASAnigger No. 8122 1505441276

OOO hell naw dawg! hows I gon be getting my Newport's!? Shieeeeet!

Bix nood bix nood

8chan user No. 8161 1505515687

>Could have Avoided this by Getting a Job

Really? Cool, tell me who's hiring because the jobs in my city are full

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