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Breaking: LAX Shut Down for

After this past weekend's provocations including the 100 kiloton thermonuclear warhead detonation from the North Korean Regime, it appears that the United States is continuing it's “Iron Man” operations in the Pacific.

The Goldwater has been listening to the towers for radio traffic in and out of LAX for the last several weeks now, where the operations involving military defensive mechanisms in preparation for war have commenced.

There's something apparently major regarding Los Angeles International Airport that likely has to do with covert operations in the Pacific in order to ensure America is kept safe in the event of an intercontinental ballistic missile strike against the homeland.

It could even be strictly defensive with the arrival of nuclear ready flights that would be dispatched as a strike team in a moment’s notice if America were to retaliate against a nation who had launched against our allies.

The live stream from the <a href="">ATC Live has all towers at LAX including North, South, East, and West as well as ground control.</a>

The most recent test cycle was on <a href="">September 2nd,</a> and once again today complete shutdowns of flights in and out of Los Angeles International Airport are occurring in preparations of the arrival for “ Iron Man ”.

It is believed that the United States Armed Forces, including both the Navy and Air Force are testing either Nuclear Capable Bombing Runs or potentially escorting nuclear bombers to land in or near LAX.

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During the times of these incidents they refer to the following codename: “Iron Man”.

It is believed that this is a test run for the First Strike Command and Control for Nuclear Weapons Release, or some sort of simulations involving nuclear weaponry.

American Airlines Flight 92 and 707 are both being diverted as well as American 1352 for bravo romeo tango.

All flights are now being slowed to 220 knots and ordered to climb as Alpha Alpha Echo 2 Delta reports clear for landing throughout the radio transmission.

The pilots today sound as if they're unhappy, likely due to the repeated delays in their schedule but the anticipation is also the certainly for American Defensive purposes and the military clearly dominates priority in these circumstances.

Across the transmission it's being referred to now as an incoming Autumn Alpha 2, which is military.

At 9:41 AM Iron man is at 210 knots now and on approach.

Airbus 321 has and Delta 1577 been delayed also now with several flights on the ground being held back as the Iron Man One approaches.

Could there be a military protocol to keep Iron Man who is able to launch in contingency that the President isn't able to under our current defcon status?

They just ordered two flights to expedite - traffic avoidance, with normal speed being resumed now by those coming from the Pacific airspace, to wherever they're being redirected.

<a href="">The package has arrived now as normal traffic for departures are beginning to resume</a> in and around LAX.

It certainly seems there are well equipped and well armed nuclear bombers or covert planes which are capable of carrying nuclear weapons that are arriving during these times.

Such a shutdown of LAX literally costs the airport tens of millions of dollars in delay, but the military and clearly “ Iron Man ” receives top priority each and every time.

Whatever operations are occurring is pertinent to the defense and attack capabilities of the United States of America and her Armed Forces.

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Anonymous No. 7585 2017-09-04 : 21:50

Any reason good reason why we are giving the North Koreans, a heads up with these timely deployment articles?

Just asking…..

Anonymous No. 7589 2017-09-04 : 22:57

"100 Megaton Thermonuclear Warhead detonation from the North Korean Regime"

That should be 100 Kiloton. 100 Megatons is over twice the yield of Tsar Bomba, the largest nuke ever detonated.

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