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Australian Man Kills Father With Samurai Sword To Get 2.5 Million Life Insurance

Mr Michael Philip Martin, 28 years old, is being brought to trial in Lismore, Australia today for allegedly killing his father with a samurai sword in order to cash in on the 2.5 million dollar life insurance. After his father had died, Mr Martin tried to make it look like a home invasion and inflicted wounds on himself.

It was not the first time, Crown Prosecutor Brendan Campbell claimed. already two months before the son had tried to kill his father but apparently couldn’t go through with it.

But at the end of 2014, he did manage to get it right. A neighbor had heard noise and walked in to the Martin family residence, finding the son bound and gagged and suffering from minor injuries. The neighbor declared that the younger Mr Martin stated: “my dad is up there, they got my dad, I think he’s dead.”

The father had suffered wounds which police declare were caused by a samurai sword. It just so happened that the sun was a trained martial arts expert, handy with a sword.

As police grew more and more suspicious of the son, they found gaping holes in his declarations.

Mr Martin Jr later changed his story and claimed he was sound asleep before being struck in the head and dragged into the kitchen (how he would know that in an unconscious state is a mystery).

From the kitchen, he heard a noise which, according to him, clearly sounded “like a throat being cut”.

In the two months before the murder of the father, Mr Martin Jr had allegedly taken “three different life insurance policies for the accidental death of his father … worth $2.5 million.”

The Crown Prosecutor stated that it is their belief that the son acted in this manner because of suffering of yearlong abuse of the son at the hands of the father.

In the house, police found a handwritten letter by the son: “I was a very hurt man and the man who hurt me the most, was the very man who should have loved me the most. Money got tighter and we had another bright idea to free our lives up more. Our biggest problem is that we are too good at heart, our guilt has struck from the moment we cooked up the bright idea.”

Mr Martin Jr pleaded not guilty.


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