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Man Shot In The Head at Parade In Brooklyn, Another Injured

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This Sunday in Brooklyn, two shootings in one night left a man injured and another dead. Police say a 49-year-old father was outside with his two sons talking with a friend on Nostrand Ave when gun fire rang out. The shots occurred at 8:45 p.m. near Herkimer Place in Bedford-Stuyvesant, one bullet struck the 49-year-old father in the head killing him right in front of his two sons. Two hours later, another shooting took place when a gunman clad in black clothing shot at a 44-year-old man at Sterling Pl. and Schenectady Ave in Crown Heights.

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The second victim survived a single gunshot to the chest. Witnesses to the second shooting say the victim ran across the street before collapsing after being struck by the hail of bullets. When medics arrived at the scene they began rescue efforts and took the man to Kings County Hospital in critical condition. Both of the shootings took place near an area in Crown Heights where the J’Ouvert and West Indian Day Parade is scheduled for Monday. Although carnival floats were being set up only a block from the shooting that killed a man, the police do not believe the violence is connected to the parade.

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A witness to the fatal shooting said the victim was watching workers setup the floats when three shots rang out, one of them striking the man in the head. The witness said, "It could’ve been me. It was just three pops. Then he fell to the ground… His son started screaming, got down on the ground. Someone called an ambulance." Police are still taking every precaution and screening participants in the parade for weapons.

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