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Man Plays Too Much Golf - Woman Cuts Off His Penis

and Lorena Bobbitt were, then this next one seems like a re-run written all over it.

If you’re not, let me update you. Back in the 1990s, when all seemed innocent and internet porn was not spreading like a wildfire just yet, the following story grabbed the world’s attention.

Lorena and John Bobbit were a married couple living out their lives in Virginia, USA. One night, Mr. Bobbit apparently had had one too many drinks and was feeling rather horny. So he walked into the bedroom to find his wife sleeping and, according to her court testimony, raped her.

Miss Lorena Bobbit declared to the court that this kind of behavior had been going on for a while and that upon this occasion, she felt that a line had to be drawn in the sand.

And so she did. Going down to the kitchen, she took a long kitchen knife, entered the bedroom and… (sorry guys), cut off her husband’s penis at his base. Miss Bobbit then took the severed lid in her hands, drove away in her car and threw the remaining penis in a field.

After an exhaustive search, Mr. Bobbit’s penis was eventually found and reattached. He tried to make a few porn movies after his newly found fame but was never successful.

So what happened this week in South Korea that made me think of this.

Well, here goes: a man was playing too much golf and ignoring his wife. So, the 54-year old wife thought that her Bobbit moment had also come. She cut off the tip of her husband’s penis and flushed it down the toilet. The man was found by one of the neighbors who drove him to a local hospital.

During the police investigation which occurred afterward, “Mrs. Kim”, as police have identified her, declared that she was depressed both because her husband beat her and didn’t give her attention nor money, but spent everything on his frequent golf habit.

Remember that gentlemen, next time you call to reserve a tee-time.


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Anonymous No. 7575 2017-09-04 : 12:25

Alternate headline:

South Korean Bitch Bobbits her Husband for Playing Golf.

Imagine what she would have done if he was cheating on her.

Anonymous No. 7587 2017-09-04 : 22:19

Based. South Korea really is best korea. Hail Trump!

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