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Photo credit: Seminole County Jail

Orlando Savage rapes 15-Year-Old Child and Impregnated Her

Police in Florida say that 37 year old Dennis Latroll Brown has been arrested for the rape of a fifteen year old child.

The teenager however now says she's pregnant, and authorities believe that the disgusting pedophile may be the father.

The child says she was walking the family dog through her Sanford neighborhood when Brown violently assaulted her stealing her innocence with a brutal rape.

Authorities said that the poor girl must now endure even more hardship knowing she's carrying the child of a monster who stole her entire life, and will now subject herself to DNA testing to confirm that Brown is indeed the father.

When the initial rape occurred, police transported the young girl to a nearby hospital to perform a rape kit and collect the DNA of her attacker.

After Brown was arrested this week they confirmed that he was a match to the DNA found inside of the child when she was raped.

Officers say that the girl’s mother first called emergency 911 after her daughter came home crying and said that a man she didn’t know has dragged her away and raped her at about 3 AM.

The mother and daughter were both walking their dog for a late night restroom stroll on Douglas Avenue when the dog pulled away from the family and ran towards Montezuma Avenue.

According to the girl's mother, she told police that she went after the dog, and when she turned around her daughter was gone.

Her mom, frantic, said that she then went home to see if her daughter was there. While the mother was inside, her daughter came home crying and covered in both leaves and dirt, before explaining what happened.

The girl said that Brown had put his arm around her neck and pressed a gun to her head before he dragged her to the carport of an abandoned house and pulled her shorts down using one hand while holding the gun in the other.

The young girl said that's when Brown raped her while she pleaded with him to stop. When he was finished with his disgusting act he told the girl that he was going to the Georgetown neighborhood to get “weed”.

The innocent young girl identified Brown as her rapist in a photo lineup the next day, according to police.

At that time Sanford police began a manhunt for Brown, and his family told them that he might have gone to South Carolina to a previous residence he lived at.

Just this past Friday Brown was arrested on felony sexual assault charges. He is now being held without bail at the Seminole County Jail in Florida.


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