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Photo credit: Tim Rodifer | Facebook

Drug Addict in Johnson City, Tennessee Steals Man's Truck before Running Him Over

Police in Johnson City, Tennessee says that a local business owner is lucky to be alive after a known crackhead stole his truck, then ran him over.

The owner of the Mr. Transmission shop, Tim Rodifer, witnessed a man jump into his truck after he left the keys in the ignition.

Just as the car thief attempts to drive away in his vehicle, he runs over and grabs him through the window to stop the thief from stealing his truck while he was attending to a customer at his shop.

At that moment, however, the thief attempts to drive away in reverse, while Rodifer grabbed onto the side of his pickup truck hoping to stop the madman, and was dragged as the thief sped away with him attached.

In the video, after the car thief speeds away Rodifer immediately is tossed from the grips of the window of the gray 2006 Dodge Dakota, flinging Rodifer to the ground and running him over.

Tim's daughter took the video footage to social media, which quickly went viral with over one hundred thousand views and led to multiple tips identifying the suspect.

Law enforcement said they then found Cody Smith, still driving the truck, and he was charged with carjacking, aggravated assault, and driving on a revoked license.

The victim says he didn't hesitate to stop the carjacker, and that he wasn't afraid. “Of course I sprinted as fast as I could to the vehicle, dove through the window,” said Rodifer.

Cody Smith’s family is on record saying that he has a “disease”, crack cocaine addiction that has led him down a terrible path of criminal behavior.

What the didn't mention, is now it's leading him straight behind bars where he will likely spend the next ten years if convicted.


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