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Minneapolis Bar Forced To Close After Owner Donates To Former KKK Leader

A bar in Minneapolis was forced to close down after being boycotted when patrons found out the owner made a $500 donation to the former KKK leader David Duke. White supremacists thought they could claim the bar as their own but resident's weren't having it. Outrage broke out over the donation and the 17 employees who worked there were caught in the crossfire. The owner, Julius DeRoma, made the decision to shut down Club Jager after he was exposed for donating $500 to the former KKK leader David Duke's 2016 Senate campaign.

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The public outrage came to a head when a story published in City Pages exposed DeRoma's donation. The employees of the bar were left without a job following the closure. Among the people who boycotted the establishment was the bars DJ, Jake Rudh. Rudh posted on Facebook that he would no longer be hosting his weekly dance night called Transmission at Club Jager saying he did not want to be involved in a "venue where the owner supports the likes of David Duke and his messages of hate." Some employees even walked off the job after learning of DeRoma's donation to the former KKK leader while others stayed because they had no other option to feed their families. Employees of Club Jager became the victim's of hate messages on social media as word of the donation spread. Another employee of the bar, Rob Callahan, hosted a trivia night at Club Jager since 2008 and offered some insight, "The people working there didn't want to keep this guy's business operating and continue to face the harassment." Callhahan said the DeRoma was hardly ever at the bar but "he was really nice. No one had any idea he was of that mind-set."

The bars employees were racially diverse and "all of whom are directly affected by the actions of David Duke," according to Callahan. "Then to find out that the guy who signs their paychecks supports David Duke, I can't tell you how betrayed we all felt. It was emotionally jarring for all of us. And then to have the people who we thought would support us, blame us, it was pretty emotional."

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Anonymous No. 7572 2017-09-04 : 11:43

Note: The KKK no longer exists.

It was bankrupted back in the 90's, forced to shutdown and sell it assets. The lawsuit awarded Millions to a Black family that became the owners of the KKK property and etc. There is still a huge uncollected sum so the lawyers and this Black family actually still owns the KKK.

So to split a hair, when the media uses the term KKK, it would mean the Bar Owner donated $$$$ to a Black Family still unpaid lawsuit.

BTW: This Racist called David Duke uses politics to still in the spotlight . His political dabbling career covers:

American Nazi (still), Democratic (left), Populist party, Republican (kicked out), Reform party (kicked out)

So don't donate to these either.

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