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Booming Sales In Europe - Portable Roadblocks To Protect People From Terrorist Truck Attacks

Everyone in business knows the saying Never let a good crisis go to waste". This simply means that for every downturn, an opportunity presents itself. A European company from the Benelux area has done just that. With terrorist attacks where trucks are used to ram into crowded tourist or shopping areas in mind, it developed portable roadblocks that can be setup easily and have been tested to stop an 8 ton truck, a small sized 18 wheeler.

Already security officials in Europe are looking at solutions. One of the ideas was to make it harder for individuals with a criminal past to rent a truck or van, as we discussed here at the Goldwater just a few weeks ago. You can find that article here:

Now, Pitagone, a Belgian company, has developed a mobile barrier that can stop terrorists wanting to drive a freight truck or a van into a crowded area. They are deliver their barriers to cities all over Europe, from Disneyland Paris to Swedish Malmö (where they feared a recent attack, just like the one that had happened in Stockholm already).

The list is long. Nice, Berlin, London, Stockholm and recently Barcelona in the past two years. Increasingly, a terrorists drives with a freight truck or a vans into a defenseless crowd.

Marc Weissberg, boss of Brussels company Pitagone has been focusing on anti-terror measures for decades now, said: "Certainly after the attack in Nice. Blocks and concrete blocks were not the solution, because you could not remove them easily afterwards. That is why we put our heads together and developed a mobile system which can easily be set up by law enforcement. "

Today, the mobile system is ready and the world is looking a little bit from anywhere to Pitagone.

"Our philosophy is that you never know in advance what the danger is from. So it had to be a flexible system. Not heavy and no need for expensive changes to the infrastructure of a square. No concrete blocks where you need cranes and a lot of manpower to place them. But a mobile barrier that can build one person in a few minutes. "

Europe seems to agree. Sales are booming.


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