By: Savannah Smith | 12-14-2016 | News
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Will Kanye West Get A Job In Trump's Government?

Weeks after revealing that he would have voted for Trump and that he admired the President-elect for running such a smart campaign, popular performer Kanye West finally meets his "idol", whose footsteps he seems keen on following as he dreams of becoming a U.S. president himself.

West paid Trump a visit at the Trump Tower where they had a conversation for about 15 minutes. When asked by reporters what the two talked about, the incoming President played it coy and merely said they talked about " life". Trump also shared that he and the rapper " have been friends for a long time".

Kanye was more generous with the details about his meeting with the incoming President in his later tweets where he wrote that he wanted to meet with Trump to discuss multicultural issues that included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago. He also shared that he feels it is important to have a direct line with the future President if we truly want change.

Kanye who has been saying as early as 2015 that he would make a run for the Presidency in 2020 apparently had a change of plans after meeting with Trump. He tweeted #2024, perhaps in deference to the fact that Trump would be eligible to run for re-election in 2020.

The meeting was initiated and requested by West and which Trump granted. Reportedly, the pair's conversation also touched on the possibility of West becoming an " ambassador of sorts for Trump", with the rapper potentially embracing an "entrepreneurial leadership role".

Neither Trump nor Kanye confirmed whether the " Famous" singer-rapper would perform at Trump's Inauguration next month, although there have been wide speculations that Kanye would be one of the celebrities who would grace the historic event.

West revealed last month at his San Jose, California concert that he would have voted for Trump and that he admired Trump for the way he ran such a smart campaign. He also disclosed later that he wanted to speak up about his political views and choices much earlier but people close to him were " stopping him" from doing so.

After his back to back concerts where he made revelations and unloaded various rants against the music industry and some of his colleagues, West got hospitalized following a nervous breakdown. He stayed in the hospital for a week and continues to receive daily medication. After their brief conversation, the President-elect indulged West with a photograph at the golden lobby of Trump Tower. He also told the singer, and new supporter, to take care of himself.

It remains to be seen if Americans will be seeing more of West under the Trump administration should the incoming President gives him a job in his government- an opportunity for the 'fan' to learn more from his ' idol' and guide his future political plans- if he's serious about it, that is.

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