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School Teaches Kindergarten Students To Become Trannies

Some parents are pulling out their children at the prestigious California’s Rocklin Academy despite the fact that slots are so coveted in the school that there’s always a long waiting list for admissions. The reason? The charter school’s move to expose a kindergarten class to transgender “indoctrination” without notifying the parents.

Last academic year, a male kindergarten was reintroduced to his class as a girl and two children’s books espousing transgender ideology were also read to the class. Since towards the end of the academic year then, several families have pulled their children out of the Sacramento school.

The books a teacher read her class espousing transgender ideology include: “I am Jazz” by the transgender reality TV star Jazz Jennings, and “Red: A Crayon’s Story” about a blue crayon that sees identifies itself as a red crayon.

The books were read based on the suggestion of the parents of a male student in the class. The boy, at one point, even left the classroom to change into a girl’s clothing, after which he was reintroduced as a girl.

Parents learned about the incident only after the children came home and shared it with them. Some parents raised concern that their children became upset with what was done in their class and expressed fears that they would also “turn into the opposite sex.”

In response also to what the school did, Karen England, executive director of the pro-family Capitol Resource Institute, has been working with Rocklin families to enact a policy that would require the school to notify the parents before controversial matters are discussed in the classroom. The school has shot down said suggestion.

England shares that there are overall 11 families that have pulled their kids out the charter school, and said that there could, in fact, be more. England also hinted that what’s happening is “just the beginning.”

Rocklin Academy spokeswoman Elizabeth Ashford confirmed for their part that seven children have officially unerolled since the end of the academic year. She tried to downplay the impact of the children’s pullout from the school, arguing that it is common for children to change schools for a number of reasons. She even said: “For context, there are 1, 280 students at Rocklin Academy elementary, and there’s a long wait list to get in. So it’s not a phenomenon.”

The school board will discuss the matter at its next meeting set on September 18.


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Anonymous No. 7545 2017-09-04 : 00:17

Mentally ill degenerates trying to turn the kids into fags.

Anonymous No. 7546 2017-09-04 : 00:27

Disgusting filth. These people are sick.

Anonymous No. 7556 2017-09-04 : 04:15

Can't just teach children how to count and read. Nooooo, instead you make them focus on their sexuality/gender and completely ruin their lives when they become fags, sluts, whores, and degenerates.

Anonymous No. 7557 2017-09-04 : 04:21

Mentally ill teacher needs to be canned. There is no room for faggot indoctrination in our schools.

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