By: Earnest Jones | 12-14-2016 | News
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Favorite Meme Of The Year 2016: Meme Magic

The hypothetical power of voodoo and sorcery that’s supposedly derived from some internet memes believed to transcend the cyberspace and cause real life consequences has been termed as Meme Magic. The slang term was first coined on 8chan’s imageboard and ever since it has spread like a virus into 4cha’s /pol/ board.

This fictitious term is continually gaining popularity since its associated with shitposting fads on the two sites. There are other boards that also rely on the same term such include Banepostig, Ebola-chan and Donald Trump. The occult of the egregore has severally been compared to this term. The occult of egregore is believed to be an autonomous psychic thing that alters people’s thoughts.

Following the crash of the Germanwings Flight 9525 back in 2015, this term was in its early use, the plane had crashed as it was heading to Dusseldorf in Germany. However, various communities online were drawing similarities between the Germanwings Flight 9525 and The Dark Knight Rises. A webm that was titled Meme Magick was the first one to use the term, the Meme was created by First Last who is a You Tuber; he then uploaded it on his You Tube channel back in 2015 on the month of August. This is when the spark started after being posted on 8chan’s random board and then later on to Baneposting board /bane/. References to the meme that dated back on the 26th of March claimed that /tv/ crashed the plane using ‘’meme magic’’, this was the earliest reference to the meme.

The term Meme Magic has been heavily used in association with Donald Trump from June 2015. Users of the politically incorrect board on 4chan /pol/ used the meme magic to make Trump win the 2016 presidential election in a move aimed at transforming the U.S. In supporting Trump campaign, pictures of a Trump Pepe were posted on Trump’s twitter with Hillary Clinton getting Yiddish curses.

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