By: Steve Dellar | 09-03-2017 | News
Photo credit: Victor Graveson | Facebook

Australia: Drug Lord Soaked In Fuel And Set On Fire

Mr David Charles Edgerley will be brought to court on Monday in Australia after he spent the weekend in custody. Mr Edgerly, 34 years old, was accused of trying to kill a criminal mastermind well known in the region of Queensland, Australia. How did he do it? He took a few litres of petrol, poured them over a man sleeping in his bed… and set the whole thing alight.

The victim you ask? 65 year old Victor Graveson, a well known criminal figure who made millions selling cannabis.

Back in 1995, Mr Graveson’s estate had been raided by police. At that time, they seized 200 kilograms of cannabis leaf and a whopping 7,000 growing plants (for an estimated value of 20 million dollars)

In 1996, Australian authorities jailed him for 10 years. But already in 2000 he was released on parole, and arrested again a few months later for possessing methylamphetamine.

According to court documents from that period, Mr Graveson was a criminal “mastermind” with multiple links to a prostitution business and close relations with outlaw motorcycle gangs.

But for the last few years, things had quieted down for Mr Graveson it seems. Until last Friday, when Mr Edgerley entered the premises and tried to burn the pensioner to death.

Neighbours explained to the police that they saw someone running away from Graveson's property about 9am on Friday, which is the same time they started to see thick black smoke coming from his home.

Mr Graveson’s cousin, who lives in the same street, declared to police that: "I was sitting here and one bloke ran up the road, took off at a 100 mile. About 15 minutes or maybe 10 minutes later we could see the smoke coming from down at the house and by the time we got up there it was pretty well alight. Victor was lying inside my brother's verandah all burnt, right through. There wasn't a bit of skin left on him."

When they inspected the premises afterwards, Australian police declared it looked like a scene from a Hollywood horror movie.

Meanwhile David Charles Edgerley presented himself to Redland Hospital with critical burns on his arms, and was soon after interviewed by police and charged with attempted murder.


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