By: Savannah Smith | 12-13-2016 | News
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Nixon's Letter To Trump Will Have A Special Spot In The Oval Office

Donald Trump would not have successfully-built a business empire if he were not strategic, or calculating even. Or if he did not rely on facts and logic. But he is also a man who trusts his guts and can even be sentimental, if not superstitious on some matters. Maybe that intuitive nature also contributed to his great ability to connect with the voters and for his empathy in understanding the needs and hopes of ordinary Americans. No wonder his messages to the people resonated and he won.

The President-elect is bringing his personal touch to the Oval Office as he wanted some artistic changes done in the look and design of the place of power. He has shared an intimate detail to friends that he wants to prominently hang in the Oval Office the letter of former president Richard Nixon to him predicting that he would someday win political office.

Politico reported that it was then first lady Pat Nixon who saw Trump's potential to be in politics after she has seen his guesting on " The Phil Donahue Show" in December 1987. The first lady was so impressed with Trump that she shared it to her husband.

President Nixon wrote the personal letter to Trump, saying that the first lady thought she did great on the Donahue show. President Nixon then shared with Trump that his wife was an expert on politics and that she predicts " whenever you decide to run for office, you will be a winner!".

The prediction came almost three decades later as Trump won an amazing victory on November 8 this year, and it was not just about any other political office but the highest position in the land!

The President-elect has shown the letter to Fox News last month. Trump is also planning to move back to the oval office a bust of Winston Churchill which President Obama opted to move out of the office in favor of a bust of his personal hero Martin Luther King, Jr.

For the heartwarming prediction and for going out of his way to reach to him, Trump has always shown a fondness for President Nixon. He has also maintained close ties with the Nixon family.

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