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Photo credit: Kettering Police

Law enforcement in Centerville, Ohio day that they were able to rescue children from a man who had barricaded himself inside of a home in order to avoid facing justice.

The Centerville Police Department say they were attempting to arrest 28 year old Dustin Crank for multiple Felony Warrants out of both the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and the Kettering jurisdictions.

Once police arrived to an emergency 911 call about a domestic disturbance on Westerfield Drive in Centerville they quickly learned that Crank was a wanted man.

That's when police say that he barricaded himself inside of a home with children behind the locked doors to avoid prosecution for his past crimes.

Fortunately crisis negotiations went well from the Centerville Police Department, and they were able to talk Crank out of the home with no injuries to himself or the children by communicating through a window.

After his arrest investigators say he was transported to the Kettering Jail awaiting a pending court date for his past crimes.



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