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Photo credit: Fuengirola Bioparc

Rare Primate Born in Spain

This adorable creature is one of a kind in Spain, where the Fuengirola Bioparc is welcoming the new addition.

Not only is this the first Golden Cheeked Gibbon to be born in Spain, and it's an exciting time for primate lovers across the region.

At only a month old, the tiny primate will fit into the palm of your hands, and it's mother Ares is very protective of her newest family member.

Scientists say the species in itself was near extinction before habitats were artificially created in order to secure the existence of the primate and a future for Gibbon children.

The rare primate sports a distinctive and glorious blonde coat which is intended to confuse and distract any potential predators or threats to the species during the first three years of their lives.

Once the primate reaches maturity however, males turn black and lose their golden locks. Females retain the golden tint in order to attract potential mates.

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As a native species to Southeastern Asia, the Gibbon only has seventeen species which were all threatened with extinction up until recent efforts to preserve them occurred.

Being the only zoo in Spain with such a conservation program in place to save the Gibbon, visitors travel across the continent to view the amazing species at the Bioparc Fuengirola.


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