By: Earnest Jones | 12-13-2016 | News
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Street Celebrations In Aleppo After Syrian Army Retakes East of city: Battle Of Aleppo Is Over

Lizzie Phelan from RT’s has reported that the streets of Aleppo have erupted in celebrations as people wave flags and shooting in the air after reports that the Syrian Army has taken full control of the last areas that were held by the militant which was the eastern part of the city.

Damascus is yet to issue an official statement regarding the issue. However, a source familiar with the Syrian Army headquarters says that the Army is on the brink of freeing the city of Aleppo. RT’s Lizzie has reported that the Army is clearing out the stronghold in the Salaheddin area.

People have taken to the streets the celebrations after Aleppo has been freed. The RT reports that the whole of downtown Aleppo is full of celebrations. The happy citizens are chanting and singing in celebration of the Army and President Bashar Assad.

Despite the shelling sound that could be heard in Aleppo, the leader of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s Ba’ath Party in Aleppo said that the city is free from terrorists. He also added that despite the few militants who are still fighting the Syrian government forces, they will surrender soon since they are surrounded. He continued to add that in a few hours, an official statement will be announced on Aleppo liberation. The Russian Center for Reconciliation has been reported to have rescued 13,000 civilians from hostile militant areas.

Washington has declined Russia’s proposal to extend the ceasefire in Aleppo for few days. The move was termed unacceptable by the US Department since Washington keeps insisting that the operations in Aleppo should be immediately be stopped while Moscow argues that if that happens it will allow the militants to recover and get back into position.

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