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88 Year old Holocaust Denier Ursula Haverbeck Sent to Prison

An 88-year-old German woman has been jailed for going against popular opinion and disputing Holocaust facts. Ursula Haverbeck was alive during World War 2 and has made a career of writing about the Holocaust, but her opinion goes against widely accepted facts. Haverbeck has been arrested seven times in the last several years for writing articles that express unpopular opinion about the German's actions during the second World War.

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This time she was sentenced to 2 and a half years for a series of articles she wrote for Die Stimmes des Reiches (Voices of the Reich). Despite any opinions the woman has, they are just that, opinions. It seems like the government might be overstepping their bounds for jailing an old woman just because they don't agree with her articles. Historical events are often not thoroughly recorded and it sometimes takes years of discussion, debate and research until a widely agreed upon narrative is established. Although Haverbecks views may be inflammatory or insensitive to the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, she probably doesn't deserve to be jailed. One of her previous run ins with the law in Germany was regarding an article where she disputed the number of Jews killed to be 5 million and not 6 million. For this she was fined €5,400.00 for essentially being 1 million off of the officially accepted historical number.

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She has not been afraid to state her opinion, some of her convictions are for accusing political leaders of dishonesty. This most recent conviction will likely see her perish in prison as she may not live another 2 and a half years. Under Section 130 of the German Constitution it is illegal to deny and minimize the seriousness of the Holocaust. Maybe one day, probably after Haverbecks death, the people of Germany will revise their strict laws regarding free speech and it won't be illegal to have an unpopular opinion.

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Anonymous No. 7463 2017-09-02 : 18:23

"She probably doesn't deserve to be jailed."

She clearly went against a german law here.

You may argue that this law is an unresponsible restriction in terms of freedom of speech, and I will agree with you. But under the current law her acts were definitely crimes. t. german

Nathaniel Goldberg No. 7468 2017-09-02 : 19:12

Sadly, she's still very far off the real mark. The estimated real number of Jewish deaths in concentration camps is between 300,000 and 600,000, mostly to typhus, starvation and inmate violence.

Anonymous No. 7469 2017-09-02 : 19:14

Please check this website for information regarding what really happened with regards to the holocaust.

Anonymous No. 7475 2017-09-02 : 23:39


Bbbut the 6 million…

Anonymous No. 7505 2017-09-03 : 05:35

Of course it can't be 6 million, with another estimated 5 million of other races, infirm, disabled, etc. That would mean the Nazis were animals, and no honourable right winger would ever support such atrocities, right…….?

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