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San Antonio just Removed Travis Park Confederate Statue and Historic Cannons

It's becoming a commonly recurring theme amongst the Marxist led capital cities across America, for the Communist agenda to be voted upon and decided by a handful of councilman and women without any input from the residents at all.

That's what once again just happened in San Antonio as the city council voted 10-1 to remove the Travis Park Confederate Statue.

The San Antonio Mayor, Ron Nirenburg, and the Marxist controlled City Council voted to remove the monument as well as two historic cannons from the park at a city council meeting yesterday.

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The plan of the Communist council is to now donate the monuments to an unnamed nonprofit, which many consider an outrage to begin with for these elected officials to act in a veil of secrecy.

"This is, without context, a monument that glorifies the causes of the Confederacy, and that's not something that a modern city needs to have in a public square," said Mayor Ron Nirenberg following the council vote.

The single dissenting vote of the reason was vast by District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry, who stated that this was being done in coordination with the timing of Hurricane Harvey so that it wouldn't receive much media attention.

The decision completely ignores the Historic Design Commission, which is designated with the task handling historic monuments in San Antonio, and the Mayor's office completely ignored the duty of the HDC by not even giving them an opportunity to decide what would happen to these pieces of history.

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District 8 Councilman Manny Pelaez says “Although it was a 10-1 vote, it was not an easy decision and many months of discussion went into it.”

“I think that leadership isn’t just about listening to people and making a decision but also putting your hands on, putting your eyes on, the consequences of your vote so I’m very thankful for my colleagues that showed up tonight,” said Pelaez.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said that his department had planned for the worst case scenario in case violence were to break out over the statue's removal.

McManus himself wouldn't say how many officers were assigned to the park for the removal process, but hinted that there would be enough to handle a "very, very large crowd".

“We don't anticipate, we plan for the worst case scenario. We don't want to end up like Charlottesville. We want to make sure we're prepared to even if that means we're over prepared.” Said McManus earlier.

Throughout the morning officers refused any citizen wishing to see the statue before its removal from visiting the park entirely.

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They're rewriting history folks, and nobody is even attempting to fight back. Once the statues are gone they're coming for the private businesses, I assure you all.

At least one organization, however, is trying to fight back against the removal. The Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had filed a lawsuit in order to attempt to block the monuments removal; but of course a Marxist judge shot down the plaintiff’s request for a temporary restraining order.

They control the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches of almost every state, and every large city. If people don't stop their grasp on power soon it's going to be nearly impossible to stop this slaughter and travesty which is occurring.

After Thursday’s emotional city council meeting with tempers flaring on both sides, due to the police acting as good goy crews there were no protesters in Travis park overnight or this morning to demand the statue and the cannons must stay.

Local residents are furious, and these councilmen believe they are some sort of supreme authority dictators that serve the interests of their Communist donors.

Work crews slowly took the monument apart piece by piece, much like the Communist infiltration of America is destroying our society brick by brick, stone by stone, as they remove and desecrate America and free speech.

The historic Confederate Soldier monument and the two cannons were then loaded onto flatbed trucks and another piece of history, one in which killed more Americans than any other war, simply vanished into the night as if it never existed.

America is in shambles folks, it's being uprooted from within. There is no resistance to what's occurring, or very little, and most people don't even realize what's happening.

A sad day for Lady Liberty indeed.


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Anonymous No. 7451 2017-09-02 : 11:10

Who is Travis Park? I didn't know that the Koreans fought in the American Civil War.

Elrippio No. 7702 2017-09-07 : 05:56

This means we have no other choice but to throw the history of slavery in NA out with it! Tid for tat.

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