By: Earnest Jones | 12-13-2016 | News
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The U.S. Intelligence Community Will Have To Earn Trust From President Trump

The mainstream media has been critical of the president-elect’s dismissal of the unproven allegations that some CIA officials made claiming that Russia interfered with the U.S. elections to help Trump secure victory in the just concluded election.

The Intelligence community has thus got a huge blow from Mr. Trump with insult-laced dismissal of the CIA reports. The community is puzzled over how it can gain trust and the ear of the president-elect.

There has been reports from brainwashed corporate media reporters who claim that Trump’s public condemnation of the U.S. Intelligence community might be counter-productive in that he might affect the morale in the agencies, politicize them, and affect their overall productivity.

The president-elect Donald Trump is a smart individual whose proved that he cannot be swayed by the BS, this is unnerving the idiots in the corporate media who have spent most their time formulating this Russian narrative. Its unfortunate that the mainstream media is spreading the false Russian narrative without any evidence to point to apart from them citing each other in what appears to be a mainstream circle jerk.

This comes after the CIA made the false claims based on small sampling of the Intelligence Community.

The Intelligence Community has 17 agencies all which rely on the CIA analysts, this results in an incomplete intelligence analysis. The CIA presentation to the Senators on the Russia’s involvement was short of the expected U.S. assessment that was produced by the 17 agencies. Moreover, the intelligence agencies lack evidence that points out to the Kremlin involvement in the Democratic emails that were released by WikiLeaks.

The establishment with the mainstream media have severally condemned the Kremlin for various allegations and they never issue supportive evidence to prove their allegations.

The mainstream media has formulated an association between Trump and Putin based on the regular praise that Trump has had for Vladimir Putin during the campaign trail. However, this is not enough explanation since Trump in his book The Art of The Deal indicates that he does most of his negotiating in the public. The pressititute hate this since the establishment knows that Trump will improve the co-operation between the two countries.

Trump knows that the CIA allegations are garbage and that the claims being made by the CIA are political. The Intelligence Community has discredited itself by making such claims.

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