By: Savannah Smith | 09-02-2017 | News
Photo credit: Clarice Brito-Salcito

How Random Photos with the U.S. Flag Touches Hearts in the Wake of Harvey

Amazing how during trying times one innocent photo can uplift weary spirits and provide much-needed inspiration. A mother in Kingwood, Texas only wanted to get a reprieve from staying indoors for days due to Hurricane Harvey, so she grabbed her camera, and with her children went outside so the kids could play. Mom took random photos, not knowing one will eventually go viral and melt hearts not just in disaster-devastated Texas, but the whole country as well.

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Clarice Brito-Salcido and her children grew restless after four long days of being cooped up inside their home while Harvey caused massive floods in Southeast Texas. Her son and daughter put on their rainy day's outfit complete with rain boots and ran outside to play with neighboring kids.

Brito Salcido's precocious six-year-old son Giovanni then suddenly had the idea to grab an American flag from the garbage. Giovanni ran down the wet streets with a smile, along with his rain-soaked friend Garreth running along with him while wagging the U.S. flag. Brito-Salcido was able to capture the moment without much thought at first to it- not knowing it will soon be immortalized as a symbol of strength and resilience of the American spirit.

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Brito-Salcido, a teacher at Atascocita High School who also owns Cici Loo Photography, with her good eye obviously for photography only realized she had captured a great photo when she was already loading the photos on her computer. Even she was overwhelmed with emotion when she looked at the photo.

Brito-Salcido shared that she realized at that moment: “This shot made me cry, it touched my heart. To me, it felt like how we feel as a city. We’re going to come out of this stronger and rebuild.”

Brito-Salcido wishes to use the now viral photo to raise money to help students and teachers from Kingwood High School recover since the school suffered from heavy flooding, too. Brito-Salcido has already given permission to an apparel company to design shirts with her photo, the proceeds from the sales of such shirts will be donated to Harvey victims.

Harvey hit the Texas coast on August 25 and stalled, then dumped an astounding one trillion gallons of water across Harris County.

With one viral photo already inspiring many Americans, Brito-Salcido captured another heart-warming one days later when her son, dressed as a firefighter, gave breakfast to two Houston police officers. The police officers were monitoring floodwaters outside her neighborhood near the then already swollen San Jacinto river. Giovanni observed that the officers were tired, and decided to buy and give them bacon-and-egg breakfast tacos.

Brito-Salcido hopes through two of her photos, she has contributed somehow to spreading a positive message for all those affected by the disaster. She said: “Positivity makes for better life experiences. Keep on keeping on, Houston.”


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