By: Savannah Smith | 09-02-2017 | News
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Young Couple Tries to Sell Newborn Baby For $365 to ‘’Pay Hospital Bills”

A young couple in Mexico tried to do what is unthinkable for any parents- sell their newborn baby. They tried to explain their predicament by saying they are so poor that they could not even afford to pay the bills in the hospital where the mother gave birth. But no acceptable justification will suffice as the couple will face criminal charges.

The couple, both 21 years old, known only as Edgar Ivan P.M. and Norma H.H. attempted to sell their newborn baby girl for 6,500 Mexican dollars or just nearly $365 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The couple has been arrested after they were reported by relatives who’ve discovered what they have done to their baby.

The baby’s grandmother suspected something was amiss when the couple returned home without their baby. The couple tried to reason with her that they left the child at the hospital because they didn’t have enough money to pay the hospital bills. The grandmother trusted her instincts and reported her own daughter and son-in-law to the authorities who later discovered what they’ve done to the baby.

The couple will now face charges of trafficking a minor.

Compounding the financial woes of the parents is the fact that the young couple has three other children aged three, two, and one. The young children will likely be given to the grandmother for custody while the couple faces criminal charges. The newborn baby will likely be cared for by the grandmother, too.

The identity of the woman who tried to buy the couple’s baby has yet to be released by the authorities. It remains unclear whether similar trafficking charges will be charged against her. It is also unknown why she was buying a baby in the first place.


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