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Florida Teen Overdoses on Marijuana Laced with Fentanyl

The mother of a teenager left for dead by her so-called friends after she overdosed is speaking out about a dangerous new trend.

The United States is flooded with what we know is an opioid and heroin epidemic that often times creates overdoses due to the powerful synthetic known as fentanyl, but we're now seeing a common reoccurrence of fentanyl being used alongside other drugs.

The young teenager, who will remain unnamed due to the fact she's a minor child, was with acquaintances earlier this month when law enforcement say she was smoking what she thought was marijuana.

However, it turns out the marijuana was actually laced with fentanyl, and the young teen went instantly unconscious after taking a puff of the powerful opioid.

Marcia Mazzoni, the girl's mother, said she was in shock when she received a call that her daughter was transported to the hospital near her death.

“It was a horrifying experience to get that kind of phone call when you are not even around,” Mazzoni said. “When they got her to the ER, she was very limp, she was unable to communicate.”

Mazzoni also said the entire ordeal was mind blowing mainly because it's incredibly rare to hear about strong drugs like fentanyl being used or sold in their small community of Julington Creek.

She also said she isn't naive enough to think such drug abuse never happens but wants to make sure other parents are aware that it can happen anywhere.

According to the official police report from the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, the two teenagers went to an orientation in the morning at Creekside High School, and then later left for lunch together leaving to eat lunch together off of Race Track Road and claimed they were going to take pictures at Alpine Grove Park.

Somewhere along that journey they teens headed to Mills Field and purchased marijuana from another acquaintance.

Mazzoni’s daughter however took two hits of the marijuana which resulted in an immediate overdose-like reaction to the potent synthetic.

Emergency room doctors verified that it was possible the marijuana might have been laced with synthetic fentanyl, which is one of the deadliest opioids in many cases around the country.

Detectives from the Sheriff's Department says the drug has been appearing all over St. Johns County, including Julington Creek in recent months.

“Keep talking, share the message, share what happened to my daughter. It's important,” Mazzoni said. “You don't want your daughter or son to be in the same situation mine is. Fortunately, we had a happy ending.”

Mazzoni's daughter is now recovering and back in school, fortunate to have even survived, which is a second chance many do not get when encountering the drug and realizing it's fatal potential.

St. Johns County Deputies said they're still reviewing whether or not charges would be filed against at least one of the teens who was involved, but none have been filed as of this time.


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