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One of the most influential senators in the United States has made an official testimony in a declassified report in which he claims to have witnessed UFO sightings. The senator says that he saw the first flying disc ascend and pass over the train. The former Chairman of the Armed Services Committee and a senior US senator, Richard Brevard Russell testifies in a report that had remained classified for 61 years saying that he identified two unidentified flying objects as they took off. The report was made by the Air Force Intelligence; however, it has been declassified.

A British newspaper that was published back in October 4th 1955, while collecting data in the Transcaucasian region, Russell was in the former Soviet Union when he spotted two objects of circular shape taking off near the tracks of the train in which he was travelling in. Upon arrival at the American embassy in Prague, Russell and two of his assistants who observed the sighting notified the Air Force and they were also questioned by the CIA on the incidence.

Based on the fact that this was the first testimony that had been issued by an influential senator in the United States who claims that he had witnessed UFO sightings, the information that he provided with his two assistants was considered highly confidential. The relevance of the information was based on the fact that it came from an influential senator.

The senator said that he saw the first disc ascend vertically at a relatively slow speed as it’s outer surface was revolving to the right until it got to an altitude of 6000 feet. The disc then increased its speed sharply as it flew towards the north. The senators also reported that the other disc performed the same take off a minute later; the two discs were taking off approximately 1-2 miles on the south of the rail line.

The senator also reported that after the first disc ascended and passed over the train, he went to call his interpreter Mr. Efron and Col. E. U. Hathaway who was his aide so that they could also catch a glimpse. Col. Hathaway said that he got to the window on time and thus was able to see the first UFO ,but Mr. Efron caught a glimpse of the first. However, they all saw the second disc and it appeared to be a round disc-shaped craft as the first one. Lieut. Col. Thomas Ryan interviewed Senator Russell’s companions in Czechoslovakia on the 13th of October after they sighted the UFOs in Russia.

There was also an eyewitness in the CIA report who said that one of the UFO’s had a slight dome at the top and a white light on top, he also added that the edge of the disc was glowing pinkish white.

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