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Listen ATC: ALL Traffic Diverted as “Iron Man” Visits LAX Again Today

The call sign was clearly recognized as priority military and … It's not certain what's occurring but the United States of America and It's Armed Forces are undoubtedly testing something major in the Pacific right now.

Here is footage of "Iron Man" circling Denver last November.

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Since last week, we at The Goldwater have been <a href="">listening to and reporting on complete shutdowns of flights in and out of Los Angeles International Airport</a>.

It is believed that the United States Armed Forces, including both the Navy and Air Force are testing either Nuclear Capable Bombing Runs or potentially escorting nuclear bombers to land in or near LAX.

During the times of these incidents they refer to the following codename: “Iron Man”.

It is believed that this is a test run for the First Strike Command and Control for Nuclear Weapons Release, or some sort of simulations involving nuclear weaponry.

Note that during today's run United Flight 261 was diverted to a higher altitude and a quick diversion from the airspace.

The planes and aircraft are landing at <a href="">210 knots, not on the runway</a> as typically flights would go.

Various <a href="">flight graphs of the diverted planes</a> follow their paths and show which areas they're avoiding.

It appears that whatever “Iron Man” is landing in or around the vicinity of LAX is being escorted by military planes as well.

Under the guidance of Defense Secretary Ash Carter, it was believed <a href="">that Iron Man was in reference to military drones</a>, so it's possible that this is some series of top secret tests.

While we're not sure what's occurring completely this is a surefire sign of massive preparation, which could be a sign to North Korea.

The streams from LAX air traffic control and ground radio can be listened to <a href="">on their public streams</a> which essentially means they're sending a message to those who wish to threaten the United States of America and her allies at home and abroad.

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