By: Earnest Jones | 12-13-2016 | News
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CIA Fake News Tries To Discredit Trumps Victory

The left has come up with a ploy to marginalize everything with the only exception being their Leftist propaganda that they circulate with their favorite puppet, the mainstream media. They thought they had the election in the bag but they were in for rude shock, in response they’ve rationalized their awful loss in the election.

The establishment has once again employed this tactic again, President Obama ordered a review by the CIA and they rationalized the whole thing by coming into a conclusion that Russia hacked the DNC e-mails resulting in Hillary Clinton’s ugly loss.

Based on the reliable source that can confirm this, Julian Assange has refuted the claims that the Russians were not involved in the DNC e-mails. Its also worth noting that the source of this propaganda is CIA’s Brenner who has had a track record of incompetence, he was the Inter briefer of Bill Clinton and then he became the chief-of-staff to Clinton’s CIA head George Tenet, this clearly shows where the tight relationship with the oligarchist that Brenner has. During Clinton’s tenure as president, the CIA ignored the Islamist Terrorism and consequently the U.S had to pay the price on 9-11. The same incompetent team that misinformed Bush on Iraq.

John Brenner was the CIA head in Saudi Arabia at that time. He was also caught giving bogus intel to President Bush back in 2003. There has been claims that John Brenner converted to Sunni Islam while he was serving in Saudi Arabia although there’s no evidence pertaining the same. However, there’s a likelihood that Brenner got the CIA job since he was an Islamophile with a view of Jihad. It’s therefore evident that Brenner has the intention to spread the Russian propaganda in a bid to discredit Trump’s victory. There’s a reason the FBI has termed the CIA report as contradictory and vague.

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