By: Steve Dellar | 09-01-2017 | News
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Mother Shoots Teenager For Raping Her 6-year old Daughter

A woman’s love for her children, nothing is stronger than this.

And so we believe it was when this story of revenge murder came to us from Florida where local resident Connie Serbu admitted to shooting 18-year-old Xavier Sierra for allegedly raping her 6-year old daughter.

The rape crime seemed to have happened a few years ago already, but only last year did the daughter inform her mother of it.

The official police report tells us that after she had heard of the attack, then repeatedly could be heard discussing with friends about planning to murder Xavier Sierra.

Police said Serbu’s daughter asked her mother repeatedly not to hurt the alleged rapist, but that she needed to go to the police rather than take matters into her own hands. Mrs Serbu did nothing but wait and as time passed, her anger only grew stronger.

And so she hatched a terrible plan.

The detectives investigating the case declared that Connie Serbu sent a text message to Xavier Sierra asking him to come to her house and do some housework in exchange for money. She would even come to pick him up if he agreed to help. Ms Serbu then picked up her brother, Vargas, to help her carry out her crime. As they drove away from Sierra’s house, he immediately noticed they were taking the wrong way., further and further into the wooded area in Naples, Florida. Vargas, the brother, then started to ask Sierra about the alleged rape. The latter got more and more nervous and as soon as the car stopped in the woods, he got out and tried to run away, only to be chased by the brother and sister.

Police reports said Sierra wrestled with Vargas for one of two guns for a while, but was eventually overpowered and ultimately shot with both guns a total of six times.

Testing have showed that Ms Serbu held at least one of the guns.

When arrested in a very emotional state, she declared that: “So I don’t care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter.”


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Anonymous No. 7408 2017-09-01 : 15:07

Shes going to be acquitted or the jury will nullify the punishment. Anybody would do what she did in that position. Her brother on the other hand is going to go to jail for accessory.

Anonymous No. 7415 2017-09-01 : 15:52

If the crime itself occured a few years ago it is going to be hard to prove. However, she will probably only get 3 years at most.

Anonymous No. 7428 2017-09-01 : 23:03

They can't exonerate her. Otherwise anybody would able to take the law into their own hands and get away with it. What, we're going to have executions in the streets, without judges or juries?

Anonymous No. 7447 2017-09-02 : 09:20

Sad story

Anonymous No. 7459 2017-09-02 : 14:55

Jury should release her

Anonymous No. 7460 2017-09-02 : 14:56

Under Fla.'s current statute of limitations for sexual battery, assault, and rape on a minor . there is no time limit.

So the Family could have brought criminal charges. If the DA refused, and there was proof it happened, and she then did this… I'd walk her. But waiting so long and failing to at least take some legal steps will be the downfall of her mental capacity defense.

Wardaddysmith No. 7534 2017-09-03 : 17:19

Ellie Nesler Didn't go very well for her same story

Anonymous No. 7596 2017-09-05 : 02:17

I would never disagree to giving a punishment to Xavier Sierra. I would of done the same but she should get some sort of charge for not calling the police. But NOBODY deserves this.

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