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Four Thieves in Birmingham Arrested in Armored Car Scheme

Law enforcement officers from multiple agencies in Alabama say they've detained four suspects in a would-be scheme to steal cash from armored vehicles.

The men who were detained at one point were employed with the trans-American armored vehicle banking deposit company in the Birmingham region.

Detectives say that an investigation that continued over the span of several months led to felony charges after authorities discovered missing money from the company.

The four suspects are identified as James Dustin Blackwell, Samuel Earl Burks, Malcolm Samuel LaMotte and Nicholas Sean Sanders.

All of the men were employees of the Birmingham, Alabama division of Loomis Fargo Incorporated before they were detained.

Dustin Blackwell and Samuel Earl Burks are each now charged with first-degree theft of property, while Malcolm Samuel LaMotte and Nicholas Sean Sanders are each now charged with third-degree theft of property.

Police said that the four criminals were arrested between August 18th and August 23rd. Each of the thieves however have now been released on bonds ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

According to the Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney, Joe Roberts, the deposit transporting company first noticed that money totals were decreasing during several deposit runs at which time they opened an investigation.

Prosecutors also say that 24 year old Burks, and 23 year old Blackwell, were responsible for reloading ATM's around the Birmingham area with cash which is most likely how the discrepancy scheme began.

Each of those two men are accused of stealing around $4,000 each, Roberts said.

Roberts also said that 25 year old Lamotte, was the driver of the armored vehicle for Loomis who designed a scheme to take money from deposits he was picking up for the company by shorting the returns.

Investigators said on several incidents the cash amount turned in Lamotte was much less than what he picked up, and is accused of stealing $965.

22 year old Sanders, was also an employee of Loomis and is accused of stealing around $815 from drops he was supposed to be making to different Loomis customers.

Each of the four criminals will make their first court appearance on September 13th.


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