By Steve Dellar   |  09-01-2017   News
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Crime has no age it appears, as perpetrators tend to get younger and younger.

In Mississippi, 13-year old Corey Smith was arrested for stabbing a 61-year old woman in the neck as well as the chest, cutting off her ear and stealing her car.

It was around 10:30 pm when the woman, who is not named in the report, went out on her driveway where her 2016 orange Toyota RAV4 is parked. When she heard a noise, she looked out across her driveway and garden but saw nothing. As she walked back to the house, the 13-year old stabbed her multiple times in the neck and chest and then proceeded to cut off her ear. Leaving the old woman lying on the floor as the blood was pouring out of her body, the youth showed no care for her at all and stole her car keys and purse before driving off with her car.

According to investigators, a mere kitchen knife was used in the attack.Luckily for her, neighbors were quick to alarm the police who arrived on the spot minutes later.

Local law enforcement declared that the woman was found ‘in a pool of blood’. Inquiries about her current state have revealed to us that she’s, unfortunately, has had to undergo several surgeries and remains for the moment in critical condition.

Her Toyota was found a couple of hours later and Corey Smith was arrested. He will be charged as an adult for armed robbery, aggravated assault, and auto theft. It would appear that the 13-year-old is a student at the local Whitton Middle School.

Meanwhile, the family of the victim says she is showing compassion for her attacker, as a good Catholic should. The brother of the attacked woman, Columbus O’Banner declared that "She's already forgiven (her attacker). We are people of faith, so we know how important it is to operate in forgiveness,"


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Damn teens need to stop looking up to Mike Tyson.

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13 years old. Damn shame

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We are people of faith :(

Anonymous No. 7493 1504410885

but she's already forgiven her attacker

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