By: Steve Dellar | 09-01-2017 | News
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Stockholm Man Fined for Eating Pork in Front of Muslim Women

Disturbing reports reach us from Scandinavia today where political correctness seems to have taken to new heights.

A 53-year old man, who was riding the train in the Swedish capital Stockholm, was fined for eating bacon in front of three veiled Muslim women. Many social media commentators have commented online on the absurdity of the fine for such an issue.

It would appear that on a commuter train towards the Swedish capital Stockholm, the man had begun eating strips of bacon in front of three veiled Muslim women on a train (pork is not allowed for Muslims as the Quran states that: “Forbidden to you are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine…”).

The women moved to the other end of the carriage and claim that the man when seeing this, said profanities to them, which was not specified in the police report.

A witness declared that the whole thing lasted for only a few minutes. The man is supposed to also have said that he dislikes Muslims.

Sweden has a history of trouble with Muslims in their country, and Stockholm is a hub for this sort of trouble lately.

Certain suburbs have become ghettos where groups of immigrants live together. A few months ago, there was unrest in the Rinkeby suburb of Stockholm on as police tried to arrest an immigrant suspect on drugs charges.

Rioters, some of them wearing masks, threw rocks, set vehicles on fire and looted shops.

Sweden has taken in many immigrants during the 2015-2016 European immigration crisis and is now struggling under the weight of having to integrate this population into their native culture.

Because of this, Sweden has seen an ever larger rise of the nationalist parties, theirs being called the ‘Sweden Democrats’, who want a return to Scandinavian values and tough measures to be taken on immigrants, just as in the rest of Europe.

Largely with the help of these incidents which are widely commented on social media, the popularity of the nationalist Sweden Democrats has risen to 20 per cent, putting them just behind the ruling conservative Social Democrats, with 26



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