By: Earnest Jones | 12-13-2016 | News
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US And It’s Allies Used Covert Airdrops, Drones To Supply The Islamic State?

The evolving modern airdrop technologies and techniques have made it possible to airdrop supplies in hostile territories without triggering suspicion. The United States has gradually stepped up these technologies and it’s no surprise that the same techniques have been used covertly to supply the Islamic States. This presumption is based of the fact that during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State, emails released by WikiLeaks indicate that two America’s allies in the Middle East were supporting the Islamic State this are Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Its also important to note that the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reported that US and some of its allies sought to use Salafist principality in Syria, this was a strategic asset that was deployed against the Syrian government. The above presumption is also backed by the fact that the Islamic State fighting capacity has been on such an intense level and that can only be possible through state sponsorship through air or ground.

In an article that was published by the Washington Times, the Turkish Foreign Minister reported that to drive out Islamic State from the Syrian borders, joint operations were underway to cut the well-known way point for Islamic State fighters and equipment. The Kurdish fighters were successful in reducing the supply corridors that the Islamic State had been using to only one.

This resulted in obstruction of ground routes that the Islamic States used to get their supplies. However, there was another way in which the U.S and its allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia could deliver weapons, ammunitions and food to the IS.

The answer to this critical problem on how the U.S. and its Islamic State sponsoring allies manage to supply the IS with the ground routes being inaccessible is the modern American Airdrop capabilities. This is a system that the U.S. military has developed known as Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS). The system allows cargo aircrafts to release supplies from high altitude of up to 25,000 feet, with the help of GPS and an airborne guidance unit, the supplies can be delivered within 100 meters of the predetermined area. Kurdish fighters and anti-government militants in Syria have been supplied by the US. The Guardian also admitted that the US has used drones and large manned cargo aircrafts to supply the region.

The Islamic State bragged of getting weapons that were mean to be delivered to the Kurdish forces, this was in a video that the IS released. However, the US intentionally supplied the IS under the guise of JPADS performing poorly. A report from Al Jazeera indicated that the US dropped weapons to militants other that the Kurdish forces.

Its evident that the US is using its military capabilities to resupply the IS. This is based on the fact that the Kurdish fighters have managed to seal off ground routes on the Syrian border and hence there’s no other way to supply the Islamic State apart from air drops.

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