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Gangland Criminal Defies Hit Men By Standing Shirtless Outside

Gangland murder target, Derek 'Bottler' Devoy, was seen walking with his shirt off outside his home where two people were murdered on August 16th. Devoy has ties with organized crime, an attack on his life is what claimed the lives of his sister and another man just two weeks ago when machine gun wielding hit men did a drive by outside his home. Devoy, who was carrying a child in his arms at the time, dropped the kid and ran through his sister Antoinette's house to escape the bullets.

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Devoy's sister, was killed in the gunfire along with a Mr. Shannon but Devoy made it out unscathed. Now he is preparing to go to the funeral for his deceased funeral and defiantly strutting around his home in plain view. The police first thought the attack was an escalation of a local fued, but have since ruled that out. The two suspects for the machine gun assassination are hit men tied to the deadly Hutch mob. Devoy's brother, Michael Keogh, was killed by a hit man in 2014. A senior source told the Herald, "This gun for hire is a heavy hitter in terms of organised crime and he has close links to a number of gangs, including both sides of the feud." The other attacker is also a hit man but this one has a military background. The suspect is in his 40's and has been in and out of jail most of his life.

The men are known for being available at a moments notice to kill a rival cartel member. The two men were last seen driving the getaway vehicle and then getting into a waiting Volkswagen Golf GTI with the registration number 06-LH-3466. This vehicle was seen travelling across Ballymun in the direction of Ikea and then on through Northwood before finally being abandon and set on fire in Santry Close.

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