By: Steve Dellar | 09-01-2017 | News
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Comey Wrote Clinton Exoneration Before her Interview

The dirt pile in front of the Clinton’s household keeps getting bigger by the day. According to our colleagues over at the Conservative Treehouse, who had a look into the Senate Judiciary Committee conclusion on the investigation, former FBI Director James Comey lent her a helping hand, drafting the conclusion to the 2016 probe into the usage of her private email-server, wait for it, before even interviewing her and 16 key witnesses.

Charles Grassley, Republican -Senator for Iowa, and Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator for South Carolina, who both presided the Committee, came to a damning finding.

In a letter directed to the FBI, they stated that: "Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that's no way to run an investigation. The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy."

Heavily redacted transcripts were reviewed by the committee. And even though it would appear that a great effort was taken to hide the truth (once more), it proved clear to both Republicans that the FBI Director had started to draft the exoneration statement already in April or May 2016, which is before he interviewed the 17 key witnesses which included former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton herself and some of her closest aides.

You may recall from the email controversy that FBI Director James Comey had identified no less than 110 emails as containing information which should have been deemed classified at the time it was sent (including 65 emails deemed "Secret" and 22 deemed "Top Secret"). Given that fact, it is quite stunning that he would draft an exoneration before interviewing her. We can only hope that, just as Boris Johnson, UK Secretary of State claims to always do, he drafted two versions of each document, one negative, one positive. Then again, former FBI Director Comey has made various unfounded claims in the past already, which is one of the reasons President Trump decided to fire him.

Finally, all this news is all the more surprising given that Democrats in Congress alleged last fall that former FBI Director Comey's actions in this particular investigation had violated the Hatch Act, thus causing the Office of Special Counsel to start an investigation.

We can’t wait to see what comes next.


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Anonymous No. 7400 2017-09-01 : 13:05

Given the number of times she has dodged prison, Hillary's Political Black Book must be filled with reams of blackmail data on the DC Political Swamp and deep state bureaucrats.- N2N

Anonymous No. 7410 2017-09-01 : 15:08

She probably owns the judges and courts too. Nobody can prosecute her in today's courts until everything is cleared up.

Anonymous No. 7448 2017-09-02 : 09:20

Watch out for the shills

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