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A man is arrested after decapitating a pigeon in a crowded New York park. The man was covered in blood according to police who arrested him. Daniel Dentre,34, was arrested after a bystander called police and said a pigeon was being assaulted. The police arrived at 1:45 p.m. to the park where they found Dentre, he had blood spattered all over his shirt.

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Later in an interview, Dentre admitted he was "hurting" the pigeon and the police found evidence he had decapitated the bird. The man was arrested for trespassing since he was in the park after it closed, according to police. Horrified witnesses took photos of the decapitated bird and put them on social media. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed it is not illegal to kill a pigeon but only if they are being "a nuisance". In this case they say it is impossible to tell if the pigeon was being a nuisance however it is illegal to kill a bird if it has a leg band, or if it is an Antwerp or homing pigeon.

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Dentre was at least taken to a hospital after his arrest for a psychological evaluation. It is unknown at this time if he will be charged and police say he is likely homeless. Who knows why the man cleanly severed the bird's head. It may have just been the man had been fed up with his life and broke into the violent act spontaneously or maybe the bird actually pooped on his face.

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