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Trump Pledges $1 Million of His Personal Money to Harvey Relief Efforts

President Donald Trump is pledging $1 million of his personal money as donation to Harvey storm relief efforts.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the announcement on Thursday at a White House briefing.

Sanders said: “He’ll pledge, proudly, $1 million of his own personal money to help the people of Texas and Louisiana."

Sanders even shared that Trump requested her to consult the reporters in the room on where best to channel the funds that will be coming from the President’s own donation, since reporters are “very good at research.”

Sanders added: “You have been doing a lot of reporting into the groups and organizations that are best and most effective in helping and providing aid. He’d love some suggestions from the folks here.”

Trump has also pledged from the start of his administration that he won’t draw salaries as President and would instead donate his presidential compensation to charities. He also asked his then press secretary Sean Spicer to ask reporters where they think the money should go.

Trump’s 2020 political committee also blasted out emails and texts earlier this week to more than 10 million supporters encouraging people to donate to Harvey efforts. The messages provided links to several specific charities: the Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way and local animal rescue operations.

Other celebrities have also pledged donations for the Harvey relief efforts including actors Leonardo DiCarprio and Sandra Bullock who both vowed to donate $1 million each, through their foundation and personal finances respectively. Bullock was quoted as saying “we need to take care of each other” after making the generous pledge.

Harvey’s flood waters have caused tremendous damage to tens of thousands of homes across Texas. The disaster has claimed the lives of 30 people. And it’s not over yet as the storm is threatening to hit the region near the Texas- Louisiana state line.


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Anonymous No. 7397 2017-09-01 : 11:05

Just remember James Watkins only has his employed shemales post about articles that appeal to the right wing crowd to virtue signal, to pretend to be one of the boys so to speak. If /leftypol/ were more popular than /pol/ James Watkins would have them post about racists and nazis.

Anonymous No. 7402 2017-09-01 : 13:11

Will, Soros, ANTI-FA, BLM, Socialist-Democrats and other Liberals be sending their own $$$$$ of asking taxpayers to do it for them.

BTW: I noted the MSM tired to tie the Mexico Border fence funding to the HS-FEMA Harvey Rescue funds.

But someone quickly pointed out that Harvey did not exist 6 months ago and the Disaster Relief funding comes from a different pile of $$$$ . -N2N

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