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After the denial from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to honor a Freedom of Information Act request into releasing details of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, millions were furious.

The FBI tried to claim that there is “no public interest” in their investigation, which they deemed as closed; however that's a complete lie.

At least 63 million Americans want to see those details, because we believe Loretta Lynch and James Comey intentionally fumbled the ball to protect Crooked Hillary.

Now a Federal Judge has said that the FBI had no choice but to release those details in an official court order.

United States District Judge James E. Boasberg said in the official court ruling in which he described the grand jury's subpoenas into the FBI obtaining crucial information from Mrs. Clinton’s Internet Service Providers and the history which was wiped from her server must now be made public.

Some have suggested that this would in turn overrule the objections made by the Trump Administration that insisted making such information public would violate grand jury secrecy rules.

“After reviewing the document in camera, the Court concludes that it largely rehashes information already made public, thus obviating any need for secrecy,” the judge said.

Most believe this is a major victory for transparency in government, since the FBI serves the public and Hillary Clinton was a public servant during the time of the allegations made against her.

She needs to be locked up, and she should have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in order to ensure that happened.

We the people demand justice for all, not just for some.

Judicial Watch and Cause of Action Institute, the two groups behind multiple FOIA requests are now hailing the Judge's decision with extraordinary praise for the common man.

“This order makes public details submitted by the government about the FBI’s efforts to recover then-Secretary Clinton’s unlawfully removed emails. Americans deserve to know the full scope of that investigation,” said COA President John J. Vecchione.‌

Tom Fitton, who is the President of Judicial Watch, said that he didn’t understand why the Trump administration would still be fighting the Obama administration’s battle against transparency in the case of Hillary Clinton.

“President Trump ought to be outraged his appointees are protecting Hillary Clinton,” Mr. Fitton said. “The State Department should initiate action with the Justice Department – and both agencies should finally take the necessary steps to recover all the government emails Hillary Clinton unlawfully removed.”

Now soon enough the public will be able to see what the FBI had uncovered or failed to uncover during their investigation and come to their own conclusions as to what happened to protect Hillary Clinton.


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Freeman Stohn No. 7386 1504242292

You just wait 'til the FBI takes the case to SCOTUS & SCOUTS smacks down the "judicial activism" of that idiot federal judge.

Hey, where's your guys' outrage of "judicial activism". Oh, that's right, you only despise it when it acts against you.

Buncha fvcking right-wing hypocrites.

Anonymous No. 7388 1504243852

>>7386 is a name fag and a paid shill

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