By: Savannah Smith | 08-31-2017 | News
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Uncle Having an Illicit Affair with Niece Kills Her by Smashing TV Over Her Head

An uncle who was having an illicit affair with his niece ended up killing her by brutally smashing a television on her head.

Christopher Wall has been convicted of battering Hayley Wall whom he was having an incestuous relationship with, and would be set to be sentenced on Friday.

The 25-year old Wall was seen after the battery incident wandering around a supermarket with serious head injuries. She died in the hospital 9 days later, but not after she was able to say during her conscious moments to emergency crews her name and address. She also shared to one of the paramedics who attended to her that: “My partner smashed a TV over the top of my head.”

Police went to her home where they discovered signs of disturbance on the second floor including a door on the landing that got knocked off its frame with two long dark hairs attached in a crack halfway up the door with blood spots.

The officers also found a large flat-screen TV at the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor that appeared to be somewhat damaged. Blood-stained clothing, blood smears and blood staining were also discovered in the en-suite bathroom.

The 58-year-old uncle was also discovered to have a stab or puncture wounds in his back as well as a cut to his hand. He was taken to the hospital for treatment to his wounds. He was arrested after for being a suspect in inflicting bodily harm to his niece and partner, and was taken into custody.

Hayley died on December 22 last year as a result of her injuries.

A lodger who was then living with the couple also testified that on the evening of December 13 last year, he heard the couple return home before 8 p.m. and they both appeared to be drinking. He heard Hayley crying afterwards as if she was in pain. He also saw her with her head covered in blood before leaving the house. She was later found by three students outside the Charminster Supermarket in Bournemouth.

Wall claimed for his part that he was attacked by his niece-partner with a pair of scissors and he just had to use “reasonable force” to defend himself.

Neil Devoto of Dorset Police’s Major Crime Investigation Team wishes for justice for the young woman killed violently and senselessly. He said: “Christopher Wall’s violent actions on the night have resulted in the tragic loss of a young woman’s life. I hope the jury’s verdict will bring some sense of comfort to Hayley’s family.”


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