By: Nicole Lopez | 12-12-2016 | News

Leftist Mainstream Advocates For Socialism And Communism While It Criticizes American Values

The U.S. citizens have awakened to the awful fact that the corporate media hates the United States of America.

This is no longer a mystery anymore. The mainstream media has proved severally that it's very determine to attack the traditional American values and beliefs as it makes efforts to praise socialism, sharia law, and communism. This gives the obvious impression that the pressititute is determined to make sure that the U.S. collapses.

The mainstream media was recently very busy praising the late Fidel Castro and the communist Cuba, it's unfortunate that the same media had the guts to insult Taiwan, a nation that has been following the U.S. footsteps. It's therefore impossible for the corporate media to justify the fact that it was praising Castro the dictator who ruined Cuba as he was busy enslaving it's citizens, this is a clear indication of the kind of values that the mainstream media advocates for.

In a statement made by Gina Loudon from WND, the left is very determined to ignore the fact that the world was almost brought to it's knees when Castro allowed the Soviet Union to place nuclear missiles in Cuba with an intention of attacking the U.S. The same mainstream media assumes that it has no idea of the overwhelming number of political prisoners that Cuba had under the Castro administration. It's pathetic to see the media criticize the president-elect Donald Trump for some objective tweets while it praises a dictator who imprisoned and killed members of the press who posed as a threat to the Castro regime. This is clear example of the hypocrisy with which the regressive left operates from.

The efforts that they place of criticizing and attacking the minor issues that take place in the United States of America while they are busy ignoring the communist regime in Cuba which is faced by social and economic problems. This is insane. The majority of U.S. citizens have lost trust in the mainstream media and its biased fake news; the realization the the corporate media is used by the elites to further their agenda has never been more evident than ever before, during the presidential campaign, this was evident and that's when many people awakened to the facts after the results of the election were announced.

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