By: Kyle James | 08-31-2017 | News
Photo credit: WGCL Channel 46

Dash Cam Video Released Showing Officer Saying "We Only Kill Black People"

A police officer in Georgia is being investigated for a statement he made during a DUI traffic stop. A dash cam video that shows the incident has been released. In the video, Lt. Greg Abbott can be heard trying to "de-escalate a situation involving an uncooperative passenger," according to his attorney. The traffic stop occurred back in July and began when the woman being pulled over told Abbott she was afraid to move her hands because of all the police shootings in the news.

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That's when the Cobb County officer says, "Remember, we only kill black people. We only kill black people, right?" The police department has confirmed to WGCL Channel 46 news that Abbott has been placed on administrative duties pending the conclusion of the investigation. Abbott's attorney defended his statements, "In context, his comments were clearly aimed at attempting to gain compliance by using the passenger's own statements and reasoning to avoid making an arrest." Abbott's coworkers insist that he is a "good officer" including Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register who says he is unaware of any racial complaints against the officer.

Despite defending Abbot's character, Chief Register still condemned his statements by saying, "No matter what the context, statements like these are unacceptable and are not indicative of the type of culture we are trying to facilitate here in the police department, as well as within the county." It is unlikely that officer Abbott will face any disciplinary action for the statements he made during the traffic stop.

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