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Initiative Could Legalize Psychedelic Mushrooms In California

California has long been a trend setting state, now they are proposing another first for the nation, legalizing psychedelic mushrooms. The push for the proposed measure is being backed by a legalization activist who used the magic mushrooms himself to help kick a heroin habit. However, the states legislators might not be so open minded. Kevin Saunders is the activist behind it, "There is a cultural fascination with mushrooms that goes really deep," he said. "The soccer moms are all pretty much, for lack of a better term, high now, and some of them are taking mushrooms."

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Saunders finally filed his measure with the office of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra this past Friday where the initiative's proposed language will be reviewed before being issued with a ballot title and formal summary. Supporters of Saunders measure cannot begin circulating petitions until it goes through this process. The psychedelic mushrooms measure is going to be a hard sell, the federal government still considers marijuana a schedule 1 drug despite dozens of states legalizing it. On the bright side, California is one of those states. Saunders plans to gain support for his measure from celebrities and wealthy Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs. The campaign plans to hire organizers on California college campuses and to approach district attorneys for some of the more liberal jurisdictions.

Saunders has some rather unorthodox beliefs, he thinks psilocybin-laced mushrooms could have been transported to earth by an asteroid. Saunders is running for mayor in a small coastal community called Marina. "What I think we’re dealing with possibly is alien contact," he said. "It may be some sort of communication from an advanced society, to reprogram us, to reprogram our souls or mind. I think this could be the next big awakening."

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