By: Steve Dellar | 08-31-2017 | News

French Media Believes American Neo-Nazis Have Drowned In Texas

French magazine Charlie Hebdo has turned from attacking Islamic terrorists in Barcelona to stating that, and we are sorry to have to tell you this, 'God drowned all the neo-Nazis of Texas':

Always aiming to shock, the French weekly cartoon magazine certainly knows how to push buttons. At the time of writing, with more than 26 people are reported dead in Texas due to Harvey with many more missing, Charlie Hebdo decided to mock the dead of this disaster.

The caption reads: “Dieu Existe! Il A Noyé Tous Les Neo Nazis Du Texas!”.

For those of you who don’t speak French, this translates into :

God exists! He’s drowned all the Neo-Nazis in Texas.

The cartoon shows a torrential downpour drowning a group of people carrying flags with the Nazi swastikas. Some of the victims on the cover are under water as they do the Nazi salute with their arms outstretched at a 45-degree angle.

Texas is known in Europe for having voted for Trump and being ‘the deep south’. European media is famously against anyone that talks positively of President Trump in any way, hence the attack.

The president is wildly popular wherever he goes in Texas, and rightly so, as was shown as he gave a speech in Corpus Christi to cheering crowds during his visit to the disaster stricken region.

It is already the second European magazine in a week to mock Trump and his supporters.

Just last week, German magazine Stern had depicted Trump doing a nazi salute. We reported on that here:

Finally, as also said last week in the first article about Charlie Hebdo’s reaction on the terrorist attacks in Barcelona (which you can find here: ), I am a profound defender of freedom of speech. But I also believe that those in need and suffering should be helped at all times, not ridiculed.

To do this whilst people are still drowning and suffering at enormous cost, shows little respect for the victims of this terrible natural catastrophe.


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Anonymous No. 7363 2017-08-31 : 17:34

Honestly this reads like "Don't this to me." I know islamists in Europe are given everything but this should be ridiculed for being incredibly off the mark. Houston is a democrat city with a democrat mayor who is taking 99% of the blame and will forever. Majority of the dead will be democrat minorities voters who went Clinton and majority white voters in those worst effected areas were democrat Clinton voters. Good job you got the spic nigger Nazis French faggots.

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