By: Savannah Smith | 12-12-2016 | News
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Chinese Media Throw Insults and Threats Against Trump

They are two of the most powerful nations in the world. Because of their global stature, it is inevitable for them to have a lot of cooperation on many areas especially on the economic front. It cannot be denied, however, that their relations are marked by a lot of tension, brought by many policy and framework differences, if not a healthy dose of mistrust.

Yet one of the actors in this saga, China, through its mouthpiece-the propaganda media-may have taken things a little too far by hurling insults and grave threats to the incoming President of the U.S., Donald Trump. Shortly after Trump said in a Fox interview on Sunday that China should not be able to dictate who the U.S. deals with in relation to his call with Taiwan's leader Tsai Ing-wen, while at the same time clarifying that it would have been disrespectful of him not to have taken the call, Chinese media came out strong today spewing venom against Trump.

China's nationalistic Global Times came out with an unsigned commentary calling Trump as " ignorant of diplomacy as a child". It also quoted a Chinese scholar as calling Trump a " novice" in diplomacy with a very superficial understanding of Taiwan and Sino-U.S. relations.

Then it dropped the bombshell of a threat. It warned that should the U.S. under Trump supports outright Taiwan's independence and intensifies its arms sales to the democratically self-ruled island, China could aid forces that are hostile to America.

"Why could 't we publicly support them, or secretly sell arms to them?", it demanded.

Previous Chinese media commentary focused their ire on Taiwan for pulling off that call with Trump, but today's commentaries took on a menacing tone and minces no word. The Chinese media warned Trump that " there will be a real storm" should he abandon the " One China" policy. Similarly, the media also claimed that China could very well drop prioritizing peaceful unification with Taiwan in favor of retaking the island by sheer military force.

Interestingly, the Global Times commentary ended with a measure of openness and "hope", albeit still inserting some insults against the President-elect of the U.S. by saying it is too early to conclude that Trump intended to follow through on his own "threats". They said that Trump was very fickle, and that" he may eat his words sometime soon."

Some tough, excessively hostile words against the incoming President of the leader of the free world. It could be mere posturing or strategy to force the U.S. to back down and make concessions. Or perhaps just China's rude ways of welcoming a new leader of a top ' ally'? Whatever China's real intentions are, it would do them good perhaps not to underestimate the capabilities of Trump, including in matters of diplomacy and international relations.

Another certain thing is that their battalion of propagandists a.k.a Chinese media are surely all tuned in now whether in U.S. news or Trump's Twitter account awaiting his reaction to their very " mature" insults and threats.

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