By: Steve Dellar | 08-31-2017 | News
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Opinion - Women, And Daughters Of Europe, Protect Yourself

As we told you this morning, German election fever is heating up. The latest AfD (Alternative for Germany) posters touch a sore spot that European politicians would rather not discuss. Immigrants groping at women and young girls.

However, it is an issue that has been staring at them for a long time. Europe has been faced with harassment for a long time. Even since ancient times. Let’s go back. Way back.

As you know, the name of ‘the old continent’ stems from Greek mythology.

Back then, ‘Europa’ was a woman with the Phoenician origin of high lineage. High on Mount Olympus, the Gods would look down on the women of earth. The chief god amongst them, Zeus, had a clear affection for Europa. he was infatuated by her striking beauty and grace. Zeus came up with a cunning plan. In order to get his way with the girl, he changed into a beautiful bull.

While the young Europa was innocently gathering flowers, she saw the bull, and caressed him and got onto his back. Zeus took that opportunity to abduct Europa and swim to the island of Crete. He there revealed his true identity, raped and impregnated her.

Right now, European women are faced with another problem of a similar nature. Due to a high influx of immigrants in certain areas of Europe, it has become risky for them to travel alone to certain places, something which wasn’t a problem in recent decades. Incidents were reported of groping and raping by immigrant youths in Sweden, Finland, France, and Germany. Though it is a subject that the conservative politicians which hold power in Europe rather avoid, the number of reported cases is high enough for it to be an issue in any European election this year.

The AfD posters which currently line the streets of many German towns wear ‘Burkas, no, we would rather have bikinis.’ Whenever you speak to young women in Western Europe, they do admit that the situation has now changed.

In Germany, Merkel will likely win, though this issue had almost finished her off last year after the Cologne scandal broke and Germany was hit with multiple terror attacks. Sweden reported multiple groping incidents at music festivals, and Finland followed suit.

Meanwhile in France, the current minister of Equal Opportunity, Miss Marlène Schiappa, also knows that groping complaints have been widespread in the city of light, Paris. She has therefore proposed that police should fine harassers on the street the equivalent of thousands of dollars on the spot.

Whether this will help we don’t know, but Europe has a problem that we have to admit.

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Anonymous No. 7354 2017-08-31 : 13:00

Take away women's rights.

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