By: Steve Dellar | 08-31-2017 | Entertainment
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UFO Original Returns To Cinema This Weekend - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

A whole generation of Americans grew up watching the first ever UFO movie in 1977. Though they also had seen George Lucas’s Star Wars that year (if you didn’t see that one, every one of your high school friends thought you were weird), Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the third kind was very different.

Spielberg’s supremely optimistic alien visitation story is now back in theaters for a week, in a 4K digital remastering financed by Sony Pictures. Also “Terminator 2” recently came back to theaters in a digital restoration, this time in 3-D. The “Close Encounters” reissue isn’t in 3-D; as visually, all the necessary dimensions were there to begin with in 1977 already.

Back then, it was nominated for 9 oscars and won 2.

The story is about Indiana power company man Roy Neary (played by a very young Richard Dreyfuss) who falls apart after an encounter with a UFO. Meanwhile his family wonders what the hell is going on with him.

Of course, any movie from 1977 can hardly be compared to a blockbuster of today with its current special effects. Back then, the special effects used for both Star Wars and Close Encounters looked truly great. For today’s cinema-going youth they will probably be … a bit slow, but for viewers back in 1977, the monster UFO that fills the screen — and the stereo speakers — was like an awesome light show that stunned the senses.

If you are of the generation that saw this movie in the cinema once, it might be good to see it again and relive those fond memories of that summer of 1977. If you have kids, take them so they can get acquainted with what it was like for you growing up.

And if you’re young and want to impress a girl on a date, seeing an old movie is a trick you will never regret. Take my word for it.

Also, do read my colleague’s piece on the upcoming <a href="">UFO Rendezvous at Devil’s Tower</a> in Wyoming which will be held in celebration of the movie being re-released.


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