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Watch : Car Appears to Attempt to Ram President Trump's Motorcade!

In Springfield, Missouri; as President Donald J. Trump's motorcade was passing along the highway with his entourage of Secret Service, a vehicle appeared out of nowhere to potentially ram the motorcade.

As bystanders are filming “The Beast”, which is what the President’s Limousine is referred to as, a white sedan comes driving out of the woods into the direction of the President’s car.

Secret Service agents are seen immediately surrounding the vehicle and the President continued along his path safely.

However it remains to be seen who was in the car or what their motives were. Many websites are suggesting this was a potential attack, and it's clear by the placement of the car that they had advanced knowledge the President would be passing by at that very time.

Shocking sign of the danger the President of the United States of America is in each and every single day.

This occurred as the President was on the way to his Tax Reform Rally this afternoon.

Thank God the brave men and women of the President’s security detail were fast acting in protecting him. May God bless and watch over our President.


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Anonymous No. 7341 2017-08-31 : 06:32

Possible false flag attempt?

2367 No. 7454 2017-09-02 : 12:52

The 'American " people elected this president. He is our president, all hands off.

patti No. 7456 2017-09-02 : 12:58

This president was chosen by the 'American' people. He is protected by "our" God. Wo is the man that sees the wrath of God. All hands off.

Anonymous No. 7548 2017-09-04 : 00:57

IF….it was a real attempt and not some bad driver. Then the idiot has been watching too many movie scene type stunts.

He might have thought the ditch would act like a ramp sending his car into the air and into the motorcade.

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