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The FCC Plans To Kill Net Neutrality And Wednesday Is Last Day To Comment

Today is the last day to comment on the FCC's plan to kill net neutrality. What is net neutrality? Net neutrality is a rule that requires all internet service providers to treat all web traffic as equal. Essentially this means that internet providers cannot provide favorable speeds to some websites and limit speeds to others. So if Comcast is trying to boost their Xfinity user base, they can't throttle speeds to their competitions websites. This ensures that everyone has equal access to all content on the internet and prevents ISPs from being able to dictate what you can and cannot view.

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At midnight eastern standard time, the FCC will close the comment period for the proposal titled "Restoring Internet Freedom." There have been over 20 million comments submitted electronically and has been the most commented-on FCC proposal in the history of the agency. The massive amount of attention was largely orchestrated by tech companies and public advocacy groups. Among those companies who came forward to protest the proposal were Google, Facebook, Amazon and even internet providers themselves such as AT&T and Comcast. Even the Internet Association, a trade group representing the top 40 biggest tech companies in the United States, made their own comment condemning the proposal to rollback Net Neutrality.

The Internet Association President Michael Beckerman said, "Americans overwhelmingly support strong, enforceable net neutrality rules at the FCC. There is simply no reasonable justification for repealing the net neutrality protections currently on the books. The record fails to show any compelling evidence that the 2015 Open Internet Order has harmed the internet ecosystem, either through reduced investment or some other means." Comments can be submitted and viewed at,DESC.

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