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Proof of Israeli Hands Behind the Downfall of Libya

In a surprise of high caliber, new security reports revealed the hidden role played by Israel in coordination with the terrorist organization funded by Qatar to break up the Libyan state stability by financing a network of foreign fighters and inciting them by members of the Mossad, To those elements and extended through mediators inside Libya with money and weapons.

After the outbreak of the Arab spring wave in 2011 revealed by the Libyan authorities after the arrest of a Mossad agent named Benjamin Ephraim, infiltrated into Libya under the false identity of the imam of a mosque called Abu Hafs, The Libyan investigation said that Benjamin, who works in the Mossad's undercover unit, worked to incite the Libyans to chaos and ruin, according to reports published by the Spanish newspaper El Pais. He led more than 200 Isis members to carry out acts of violence and terror.

The Spanish newspaper went on to say that the Israeli client succeeded in entering ISIS terrorist organization and moved with them to Benghazi, where he managed to penetrate the community, became an imam of a mosque, and then became a preacher and responsible for about 200 fighters.

The Israeli intruders' unit is spying on Arab countries and planting agents on the other side to create chaos in these countries.

In contrast to the Spanish Pais report, security reports revealed that the Mossad played a role in the fall of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, by planting his agents who are stirring the Libyans on Gaddafi, which was already done in February 2011.

The observers pointed out that the Zionist plan to overthrow "Gaddafi" by provoking the Libyans is the displacement of the Jews of Libya to Israel, by convincing them that it is no longer safe and that the chaos has become and that Israel is more secure than it, which has already been done.The expected number of Israeli agents in Libya about 2000 customers, working to finance armed organizations with money and weapons in order to stir up sedition and chaos.

The Zionist conspiracy against Libya did not stop at this point. Israel, through the Minister of Communications Ayoub Qara, held a meeting with Libyan officials, most notably the Libyan Information Minister Omar Al-Qweiri in Greece, on the restoration of Jewish property in Libya before their deportation.

The number of members of the Libyan Jewish community in Israel is estimated at 180,000, who emigrated to Israel in three stages after the Tripoli massacre of 1945, after the uproar of the State of Israel in 1948, and after the 1967 war.

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