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Homeland Security Copies Homework from Alt-Right Website

The Department of Homeland Security “borrowed” intel on Antifa from Alt-Right website, Occidental Dissent in preparation for the expected May Day Madness. Antifa, short for Antifascist Action, is an internationalist organization of anarcho-communists whose violent outbursts have only grown in intensity over the past couple of decades and especially in the last year. It is somewhat ironic that DHS would have to crib their notes from an “alt-right patriot” considering the fact that they only recently were <a href=””>forced to apologize to certain “Patriot groups”</a> after having misnomered followers of Ron Paul and others as potentially dangerous domestic terrorists.

You can see the entirety of the documents acquired via Freedom of Information Act at <a href=“”>this link courtesy of MuckRock.</a>

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Portland May Day rally “devolved into a full-scale riot” according to the FOIA documents. Fires set, a police vehicle vandalized, smoke bombs and projectiles such as rocks, bottles and ball bearings were launched at police officers and firefighters. Police encouraged peaceful protestors to steer clear of anarchist vandals and families with children who came to attend the march were encouraged to leave immediately. The FOIA document further reveals that information regarding Antifa activities in Texas had been gleaned from Hunter Wallace’s Occidental Dissent website.

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From a FOIA’d email from May 1st of this year:

<blockquote>Subject RE: (Update) Dallas, TX – possible fireman shot and police pinned down Spurlock and St. Charles s. of 30

So this is weird… apparently there was Antifa vandalism against at fraternities at UT just days ago… [REDACTED] although this is a minor incident, it becomes a little more interesting in light of today’s attack which apparently targeted fraternity members (and this was on May Day too).

NOTE: The below article is taken from an Alt-Right (i.e. white supremacist) website “Occidental Dissent” … it is quoting an antifa communique explaining the vandalism on “It’s Going Down”- a website supportive of anarchist extremism.</blockquote>

The “communique” quoted in Hunter Wallace’s article at <i>Occidental Dissent</i> explains:

<blockquote>“To the confusion of the local news, we did not launch these attacks in response to any particular scandal or ercent accusation. We were responding to the everyday crisis that is rape culture, white supremacy, an elitism.</blockquote>

Evidently, one of the “anarchists” at the Portland event came prepared with a folding Kel tec rifle. “Something that compact is easy to conceal, even if if TX is an open carry state,” officials remarked.

The FOIA docs show emails sent between Austin Fire Department and Austin Regional Intelligence Center of Special Operations and Homeland Security. “This is actually very helpful-as I wasn’t previously aware of planned May Day events in [REDACTED].

<a href=“”>

Antifa have been classified as a domestic terrorist organization by the state of New Jersey. An online petition to the White House urging the administration to enact such nationwide currently has well over the 100,000 signatures necessary. With the spotlight on “the nazis” it’s ironic that the vigilant eye of Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent contributed to their investigation into activities of the domestic terror organization.

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